If lovin' fringe is wrong...

If lovin' fringe is wrong...


Airstream update!

Bertha got a small makeover today. I worked on sewing new curtains for the bedroom. 

If loving fringe is wrong, I don't wanna be right..

I wanted one curtain in the bedroom to be fringe. Disclaimer, this takes forever. But it looks cool, so it's totally worth it.

Here she is. It's not completely finished yet because I ran out of fringe. But I had to share with y'all! ;) 


I turned a wild rag (scarf) into a curtain for the other bedroom window. This was super easy! All I had to do was sew the Airstream clips so it can hang onto the wild rag. Who would have thought, it is the perfect size!

Next up! The big bedroom windows, I'll show y'all next week.

Happy trails, 


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