These Old Doors - Restoration Update

These Old Doors - Restoration Update

Progress is slow but steady as we continue to work on restoring our 1905 Deer Creek Mercantile building!  Here's a peek into one of our entrances. It will sure look a lot more pretty once we get the windows back in!  

While we won't be open in this large store before Christmas, we are quite positive that we will be finished with restoration early 2022. We are hoping to be open by the first of February in the large storefront.

We will finish out 2021 in our small store.  As usual, we are just open on certain dates until we get moved. 

The dates below are the days we will be open for the rest of 2021 in our small store location:

  • Sat, September 25th: 10-3
  • Fall Open House -> Sat, October 9th: 10-3
  • Winter Open House -> Sat, November 13th: 10-3
  • Fri, Black Friday, November 27th: 3pm-6pm
  • Sat, Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28th: 10-3
  • Sat, Dec. 4th: 10-3
  • Sat, Dec. 11th: 10-3
  • Sat, Dec. 18th: 10-3
  • Christmas Eve -> Fri, Dec. 24th: 2pm-5pm


  • I just read John Lehman’s comment from September 14, 2021. We were best friends in 3rd and 4th grades. Since his dad operated the Metcantile there, we were there a lot, turning in glass pop bottles for cash. I have fond memories of watching Sunday’s “Wonderful World of Disney”, and eating barbecue chips and French onion dip, purchased from the mercantile!
  • Someone had posted a comment, out in Facebook, about where we all shopped at grocery stores when we were growing up, and then I looked up “deer creek mercantile” and found your website! It is heartwarming!

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Great things take time.

Great things take time.